BAE Systems, Inc.

Canyon Voyages, Moab, UT

Eddie McStiffs, Moab, UT

Moab Brewery

National Geographic Channel, Washington, DC


National Park Service


Canyonlands Natural History Association, Moab, UT


Discovery Channel: United States, Canada, and England


Outdoor Life Network


ABC News


CBS News

NBC News




Fox News


Fox Sports



Leo Burnett Advertising: Hong Kong, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Philip Morris: New York, Lausanne, Switzerland, and Latin America


Philip Morris: Russia, United Arab Emirates, and Eastern Europe


Steve Martin Films, Hollywood


CBC Radio Canada, Montreal


Utah System of Higher Education, Salt Lake City


Crisman Films,  Ketchum, ID


General Learning Communications, Chicago, IL


Grand Canyon Trust, Flagstaff, AZ


International Adventure Tours, Germany


MME Entertainment, Germany


MMK Advertising, Germany


Moonbeam Films, England


Rio Algom Mining Corp., Canada


Ridley Scott Films, Hollywood


RTL Television, New York


Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, Salt Lake City, UT


The Weather Channel, Atlanta, GA


US Forrest Service, Denver, CO


Virtual Volume, Germany


York Films, England


ACC Productions, Miami FL


Aerial Focus, Santa Barbara, CA


Alpenglow Films, Ketchum, ID


Alpine Air, Denver, CO


Carbon County Travel Bureau, Price, UT


Carsey Warner Films, Hollywood, CA


Freewheelin’ Films, Costa Mesa, CA


Nash Entertainment, Hollywood, CA


National Resource Defense Council, Los Angeles, CA